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Every day I see hypnotherapy have a positive impact on the lives of my clients and I witness the power of the human mind, working to overcome both physical and psychological issues.


Hypnosis is a state of natural deep, relaxation and concentration. It assists you to use the power of your mind and your creative imagination to find new ways of dealing with problems and to alter unwanted patterns of behaviour.


The hypnotic state enables you to access the ability of the subconscious mind to resolve deeply rooted issues, strengthen desires and motivations for change, to make your automatic behaviours and /or emotional reactions positive instead of negative.

Hypnosis results in reduced feelings of stress and anxiety and increased feelings of calmness, positive energy and motivation.


Hypnosis is recognised by the medical profession, as a useful and powerful complimentary therapy.


How does Hypnosis work?


In a comfortable dream-like state, together we are able to reconstruct thoughts, feelings and responses by assisting you to come into conscious awareness of your subconscious beliefs and desires and thus enabling you to begin to understand and redress any imbalance between the two.


A good deal of suffering and imbalance is the consequence of negative thoughts and impulses from the past which can sabotage one’s health, happiness, effectiveness and wellbeing. By the time one has reached adulthood, one has built up negative modes of thinking, feeling and acting which persist like bad habits....and like any habit they require effort to break.


In hypnosis we replace these negative attitudes with positive ones and we believe that hypnosis will have its best results when the client is highly motivated to change and overcome a problem


How does it feel to be Hypnotised?


Most people have the idea that if they are hypnotised they are unconscious or asleep or out of fact when in hypnosis your mind is hear every word from the therapist and remember what has been can reject any suggestion made by the therapist if it is against your own beliefs.


The physical feeling of hypnosis is one of comfort and relaxation. It is this feeling of relaxation and comfort that can be used to free people from the stress and anxiety that plagues so many lives today.


What can Hypnosis help with?


Clinical Hypnotherapy can assist and offer benefits in many areas, some of which are listed below:


  • Manage Stress: prolonged excess stress can cause headaches, anxiety, and ulcers. Hypnosis has a proven track record in reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Control Habits: using hypnosis you can eliminate or control smoking, excess drinking, problem gambling, nail biting, bed wetting and others.

  • Manage Weight: hypnosis can change you unhealthy eating habits and motivate you to exercise appropriately.

  • Enhance your Performance: eliminate public speaking anxiety, improve your sports and academic performance, exam nerves, get motivated and overcome procrastination by using hypnosis.

  • Overcome Trauma: overcome panic attacks, phobias and fears.Manage Pain: hypnosis is a proven pain management tool and effective results have been proven in greater surgical outcomes.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: studies have shown that hypnosis is an effective treatment for IBS

  • Children: help your children overcome bed-wetting, nightmares, learning difficulties and more.

  • Learn: self hypnosis and relaxation skills.Hypnosis is a natural, drug free yet powerful way of dealing with problems. Supported by clinical research, it provides a rapid, personalised and permanent solution to many personal and health issues.


At Kingsway Lifecare Services we always go the extra mile for our clients and will tailor your treatment and consultation specifically to meet your individual requirements

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