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Kingsway Lifecare Services provides a comprehensive range of Therapeutic and Counselling Services delivered by accredited and experienced therapists  and mentors.


We provide services for our clients in the following ways with their best therapeutic results in mind:


• Clinical Hypnotherapy

• Counselling and Psychotherapy

• Life Coaching

• Business Mentoring



Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you in areas of Stress Management, Control Habits, Manage Weight, Enhance your Performance, Overcome Trauma, Manage Pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Issues with Children, to learn Self Hypnosis and Relaxation Skills and dealing with many other areas in your life.


Counselling and Psychotherapy covers a wide range of issues such as marriage and relationship, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger, sexual and emotional abuse, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, youth suicide and self harm, self esteem and sexuality issues.


Life Coaching and Business Mentoring provided by qualified life coaches and business counsellors enables business owners to benefit from goal setting, improving time management, increasing business skills and knowledge and developing a work / life balance that supports a successful business as well as personal relationships.


Kingsway Lifecare Services is designed to promote competence and confidence. Through personal development you will be empowered to overcome obstacles and fears and realise your true potential.

Tony Everett

B. Couns., Dip.C.H, Dip.Psy., C.M.C., J.P.

Founder & Managing Director of Kingsway Lifecare Serivces




My sessions with you, Tony,  have been extremely important to my life’s journey.

I started in a heap and somehow am turning out a lot better.

I think our sessions just made me accept what i deep down already knew and gently guided me as I slowly figured stuff out.

I am very self motivated and I think I worked stuff out on my own with you planting the seeds for me to do that.

Sometimes that’s frustrating...sometimes you just want someone to tell you straight up...BUT, I do understand why it’s better in the long run.


Jane - Cronulla


Tony, you were so patient and loving and listened to me even when I was mumbling about “crap”.

You encouraged me and the things I was worried about seem so petty now.

However, you never made me feel anything but important in your presence.

You have a gift and I wish you well on your journey as you come alongside others.


Evelyn - Caringbah.

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