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Are you fed up with your situation? Imagine if you could get a resolution to your situation now. How would it change your life?

Do not go where the path may lead...go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.....become the unique individual you were created to be.

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Achieve your dreams and goals with lasting success from the start.If you want to discover new must have the courage to lose sight of the shore....are you looking for someone qualified who understands...someone you can trust...someone who is experienced and has the expertise to journey with you and enable you to navigate the path to the life you so desire and dream off? can rest easy knowing you have come to the right are in experienced hands with proven accredited therapists.

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Your Greatest Self.


Kingsway Lifecare Services is designed to promote competence and confidence.  


Through personal development you will be empowered to overcome obstacles and fears and realise your true potential.


At Kingsway Lifecare Services we always go the extra mile for our clients and will tailor your treatment and consultation specifically to meet your individual requirements





I am here to help you -

Tony Everett

Hi Tony,

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"Tony Everett is a wise counsellor. His worldly experience, empowered by his universal good will, helps to create a better world for others.

Tony’s is full of wisdom pleasingly shared.




“I have known Tony for 9 years. My ex-husband and I first met Tony to seek marriage counselling when my eldest Daughter was 6 months old.  We stopped going after a few weeks as I fell pregnant with our second daughter and I felt at the time I had to just deal with the cards I was dealt in terms of my choice of Husbands.  When my youngest was 8 months old and my eldest was 2, my husband walked out on us, it was dreadful.  This may sound dramatic; Tony pretty much saved my life.  The first couple of months into separation I refused to see a counsellor, till one Sunday morning I hit rock bottom, I called Tony and he met me at a café that day, from then on Tony helped me through the divorce process, it was intense for about 2 years. Tony was a major player in helping me deal with being a single parent, sole provider and a single woman again.   I met with Tony every week, sometimes twice a week to obtain the tools to cope with the stress and anxiety of the fear I was feeling losing my babies and my home in a very ugly custody battle.  Over the past 7 years I have seen Tony for either a “top up” or more intense sessions regarding personal and professional life.  I have had a massive increase in my business which has tripled in size over the 7 years; in this time Tony has helped me reach my professional and personal goals.  I have sent many friends to Tony over the years; all I say to them is “GO! HE SAVED MY LIFE”.   I love Tony.”

Louise H


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Samantha Jones



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